Roblox Shirt Template Maker

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Roblox shirt template maker allows the players to change the appearance of their character in Roblox. It does not require you to play the game long enough to realize that the default character appearance is not interesting.

In order to accommodate with this issue, the game provides two solutions. Other than choosing the preset shirt design provided by the game, players can also upload their own.

You can download premade shirt design from the internet easily. However, other people might use the same shirt as you do. Creating distinctive shirt design with Roblox shirt template maker allows you to have unique character appearance.

Roblox Shirt Template Maker Tutorial

roblox shirt template maker

Before we are talking about how to make custom made Roblox shirt, you need to know that you will need Builders Club membership for it. This membership grants you the privilege of uploading custom made Roblox shirt.

1. Getting Builders Club membership

Getting the memberships for Builders Club should be easy. All you need to do is purchase it directly from the website. The cost that you have to pay for it is depending on the duration of your membership.

The membership can be renewed monthly or annually. During the period of your membership, you can upload your custom-made Roblox shirt.

2. Creating the layout

The next step is to create the layout for the shirt. In order to do it, you will need to download Roblox shirt template. The template should consist of three pieces including torso, right arm, and left arm.

When you look at the template, you can see that it is divided into several sections. Each section is marked with color.

The template works like origami. It is folded to cover the body of your character. If you do not know how it works, you can print the template to see where the divided section goes.

The same process is performed by the system once you upload the template. Now the fun part begins. You need to customize the template digitally. Keep in mind not to customize it outside the template border.

3. Uploading the template

Once you complete making the shirt with Roblox shirt template maker, it is time to upload it. The first thing you need to do is login to your account. Find the Develop Page by clicking the icon on the left side.

Select My Creations tab, and click on shirt. In order to find the template, hit the Choose File icon. You will be directed to your computer directory.

Simply select the template that you have made on the previous step. Click on upload button in order to complete the procedure. At this rate, your character appearance should be changed.

Roblox Shirt Template Maker Tips

The key to upload the template successfully is to measure the file size. The image size should be at width of 585 pixels and height of 559 pixels.

If you design the pattern on image editor, it is always recommended to set the template on different layer with lower opacity. The Roblox shirt template maker often provides file in low opacity.