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Before starting with Roblox Shirt Ids, you need some plug-ins to make your work much easier. This plug-ins is essentially the additional toolset created by other users. You need to download and utilize them to make particular works more uncomplicated.

Roblox Shirt Ids and the Necessary Plug-ins

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1. Get the plug-ins

To search out the plug-ins, head over to the plug-in tab then click on the manage plug-ins tab. Here you will find the list of which you will need to use for editing or creating the appearance with Roblox Shirt Ids.

2. List of the Essentials

The first basic tool is the mannequin maker. This toolset is used to create your character and getting the clothing items like pants or shirts. The asset importer is used to morphs your character and put in the accessories like hats.

3. Post-Installation

Once you have inserted the needed plug-ins, start the Roblox studio over. After the restart, you will find those installed additional toolset in the plug-ins tab. Then you can start using the Asset Ids and Roblox Shirt Ids.

Roblox Shirt Ids and the Character Creation Process

If you have got the necessary plug-ins, now you can start creating your own character. You can work on it with any type of character and anything.

1. Using Mannequin Plug-in

First, you will need to open your Roblox studio to create the character you want. Launch the mannequin plug-in.

If you see an option to insert a platform beneath the mannequin, you need to turn it off. After that, select a type for your preferred body of the character.

2. Modify the Character

At this time, pick the color of the character’s skin. Then, find the Roblox Shirt and Pants Ids you are going to apply. Type the ID of your selected item into the available boxes.

If you do not know how to find the Roblox Shirt Ids, just check the item’s link. Go to the clothing store page, and you will notice the ID numbers in that related link.

3. Viewing the Templates

At this point you will probably see that your selected clothing is not put on the model. To make it appear, head over the view tab and open the explorer and properties.

Locate the clothing templates and delete every transcript in the template excluding the numbers, and then hit enter button.

4. Body and Face Morph

Afterward, you would want to add the body and face morph. Launch the asset importer plug-in, and type the body morphs and face ID into the boxes. You simply do the same thing like the clothes.

Import them and you will see in the explorer tab. Transfer the face label into the character’s head part. Then transfer the body morph to the mannequin.

5. Importing Accessories

To place accessories onto your character, just do what you have done previously. With the asset plug-in, locate the accessories ID and then you can import them.

When importing, you must unlock them so you will be able to move those clothes. For example, go to the explorer tab and click on the selected shirts. Then see the locked selection in the properties. Once you imported the Roblox Shirt Ids and unlocked them, you can easily move them onto the character.