Roblox Play As A Guest

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Roblox play as a guest is probably one feature that Roblox game does come if compared to any other online games. Putting them on comparison, those games do not let the players to play the game without having to register their email ID along with password.

For some people, it would be much of a thing to do because it involves any private matters as email ID. For others, it can be quite a hamper on it since people do not want to give out their information regarding the emails and password due to fear of security breach and other threats.

Roblox Play as a Guest Gameplay

roblox play as a guest

If you are one of those people, you really might find what you need in Roblox play as a guest. Yes, you will not have to give your email IDs and password just to be able to play the game.

You can play the whole game without having to sign up and registering to be a member. Another good thing, from the outlook, is that this free gameplay does not come with many differences.

If the free gameplay is not so different from the registered one, then what people find in playing Roblox Guest Play without sending out private information?

Roblox Play as a Guest Gameplay and the Differences

1. No Save Feature

However, if you look at the gameplay more carefully, there are actually several differences the free gameplay does have compared to the one that needs initial signup. First thing first, the game will not allow you to save any progress.

Unlike the usual gameplay in which you get save the progress you have made, this game does not come with such feature. No matter how far you have gone on finishing the game, you will not be able to keep anything made on file.

Therefore, you might as well be playing the registered one to be able to keep up with the story as the difference to play Roblox as guest.

2. No Character Creation

Besides, you will not be able to design your Roblox if you get to Roblox play as a guest. In this case, you are labeled and recorded as stranger or guest compared to others who have the account. As the consequence, you will not have any liberty at creating your Roblox.

3. Gender Selection

However, do not be discouraged too soon since you can still do one thing about the Roblox creation. In this case, you get to choose the gender of Roblox, but that is it.

Well, if you happen to prefer this feature, then you need to start thinking about creating the Roblox account in order to play.

As of October 2017, this version of gameplay has been deleted from Roblox game. It is due to the fact that many gamers, no matter what downside it comes with, choose to play the game in free version which resulted in the decrease of gamers playing this game.

As the conclusion of Roblox play as a guest, you are left now but with one choice which is to create Roblox account and play it in the usual version.