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Roblox phone number is one of thing to know related to this game. Roblox is a popular online game played by gamers all over the world. This game has up to millions builder or gamers. At a glance, this game is a little similar to Minecraft and Lego.

Some advantages that distinguish Roblox from other games are that you can create car and drive it. In addition, you can study like at school in the “High School” game, go to the moon, try to mine gold, and go to the tower with Roblox version.

Moreover, you can play this game while chatting. Many people are trying to know Roblox phone number because it is not only a game. Roblox developer opens some opportunities for careers and you can get more information about many things by knowing phone number of Roblox.

Roblox Phone Number and Benefits We Can Get from knowing it

roblox phone number

1. Gaining Answers of Some General Questions

The general questions for billing, gameplay, security, building, and other general questions can be answered via phone instead of visiting their support site. The information can be clearer as well.

The customer service accepts calls from customers or gamers for 24 hours, 7 days but the best time to call is at 8.00 am.

2. Careers

Roblox developer doesn’t provide enjoyments only by offering cool game. They also offers career. Therefore, if you are interested, feel free to build your career with Roblox on the imagination platform.

Contacting Roblox phone number for career information can be an alternative way to take. The support site provides information about job postings and internship opportunities. Those who have further question can contact their customer service via phone number.

3. Advertising

Are you an entrepreneur or businessman who runs a business by selling certain products?  Add your power on business by promoting your brand with Roblox. Roblox is the largest social platform for play that offers a lot of benefits for gamers or non-gamers. So, don’t hesitate to power your brand with this platform.

4. Parents’ Guides

Information about parents’ guides is shown in their support site. All about their safe, family-friendly and moderated platform are explained as an educating power. However, they also accept complaint from parents. Therefore, customer service will accept their complaint and opinion.

5. Partnership

In addition to offering fantastic games for all ages, the possibilities for partnership are endless. If the information about organizational partnership opportunities is not clear enough, you can get further information from customer service by phone.

6. Hacked Account

Don’t be panic if your account is hacked. Just call the customer service and get guidelines to fix it.

Roblox Phone Number to be Saved and Contacted

Here is phone support number or Helpline Number for Roblox:  800.  Roblox customer service phone number is 888-858-2569. You can start becoming one of the lucky players of Roblox. Try to contact these Roblox phone numbers and get information you need. The Roblox customer service will accept your call for 24 hours, 7 days with the average waiting time is about 27 minutes.