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Advertisement industry evolves to fit into recent technology. That is what you see on Roblox Ad Template. What is the purpose of this ad? How does it work?

Roblox is the vast platform as user-generated game. You can create many things from simple item to complex game. There is no limitation as long as you are the creative and innovative person.

You can turn the game to be more profitable by advertisement. Roblox provides several ways to help user gathering more visitors and players. It is similar to ad on website, but you only use it on Roblox site.

Roblox Ad Template Functions

roblox ad template

1. More visitor

Before knowing to use Roblox Ad Template, it is essential to understand the function. Word of mouth is powerful marketing since long time ago. When players feel satisfied with your game, they will spread it immediately.

It is powerful method, but not enough. You want to get more visitors to enjoy. Actually, turning your stuff as free is the fastest method. However, you cannot just toss away the precious item without collecting profit.

This is why more visitors can increase the profit or robux because the others may buy your items. It is classic goal for doing advertisement. Some players do not care about profit as long as they are popular. In this case, Ad Template on Roblox will help such purpose.

2. More robux

As it mentioned above, robux is the reason to have more visitors then play your items. Robux is currency on Roblox, which means the money. You can buy, expand, and do many things as long as you have enough robux.

Roblox Ad Template and How It Works

1. Preparing ads

So, how to use Roblox Ad Template? Firstly, you have to prepare image as banner. Several templates are available to fulfil user needs for advertising. You should choose the most suitable one.

2. Content

Content means your stuff, item, catalogue, or game. People will click and visit your content due to interesting image. However, the high quality content is the top priority to keep them coming back again. You need to create attractive thing to let other users want to spend their time visiting.

3. Space and slot

Roblox provides several templates for ads. There are banner, skyscrapers, and large rectangle. Banner will appear in every page on Roblox site. Meanwhile, skyscraper is smaller than banner, but in limited view.

If you want Roblox template for ads in homepage, large rectangle is the good choice. Which one is better? You will get new player when put ad as large rectangle. Skyscraper brings less visitor, but only the most interested one.

4. Bidding

Bidding is the key to get Roblox. You need to spend robux to put ad in each space. One slot will have several bidders. More robux brings more appearance.

For example, one space has two bidders. There are 50 and 100 robux. Member with 100 robux will have appearance twice than the one who has 50 robux.

When you think sharing is not enough, advertising is the solution. Roblox Ad Template will help to gather more visitors and enjoy your content. You may turn Roblox into your job for living.