Play Roblox Free As A Guest

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As the massive online players, Roblox gains its success smoothly to make many players interested in this sandbox game. Other than being played by the users, the game also allows you to play Roblox free as a guest.

Roblox allows multiplayers to design their games. The players are also allowed to play various game types from other users or developers. Before stepping any further into this discussion, it is better for you to understand what Roblox guest is.

Guest is a term that refers to the special users for player who wishes to use Roblox without using any account. According to the administrators, these guests are known as Roblox true testers.

So, you will be able to play Roblox free as a guest without Roblox account. When the real players hover the mouse on image of guest to view game servers, they will find the guest known as Friendly Guest.

Play Roblox Free as a Guest with Further Overview

play roblox free as a guest

1. Guest appearance

When the concept of play Roblox free as a guest was introduced for the first time, the guests came in stereotypical color of noob. They have blue torso, yellow head, while the legs are green-yellow.

Later, the appearance of guests is just like the ordinary Roblox players. It allows the guest to try hats as well.

Several years later, their appearances are modified into one level better. The one called as BillyBloxxer which is male guest wears jacket and black jeans with their blue hair. Meanwhile, the female has lavender updo hair with similar look to male guest in other aspects.

The appearances of guest keep getting better development until they begin to wear Robloxian 2.0 and also the baseball cap. Roblox R15 body is even applied to the guest as well.

2. The functionality

When players have decided to join Roblox game without registering to the game, they will be automatically labelled as guests. The avatar of guest is placeholder such as DefaultGuest, BettyBloxxer, and BilliBloxxer.

Roblox is going to store a cookie in user’s computer which will keep their ID. Those who play Roblox free as a guest can speak as well in the game.

To do it, they have to always use proper specific words called Super Safe Chat. They also have advanced ability to read text chat.

Play Roblox Free as a Guest Comes with the Criticism

The access to play Roblox free as a guest has received some criticisms after the number of new guests in Roblox is increased. The criticism rose due to many improper activities carried out by guests that users find as annoying.

It includes trolling, deleting players’ creation, causing the teams to lose, or following the users around constantly until they absence from the server. There are various petitions made to remove the guests from Roblox.

Unfortunately, the removal happened recently in the beginning of October 2017. The guests were finally removed with the reason to increase user number in Roblox.

As the result of removal, unregistered users is not allowed to play the games but still able to get access to the website and thus you cannot play Roblox free as a guest anymore. Despite of this removal, the action figures of Guest are on sale now.