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You may be familiar with old movie where character asks the computer to search something. That is what you see from Okay Google Roblox. In general, it is a new way to do searching.

Before exploring more about Okay Google and Roblox, you should know both of them. Okay Google is specifically designed application as personal assistant. Just tap Google app then say any word.

This app is available for mobile device, but you can get PC version with few customized. If you buy recent smartphone, Okay Google is automatically available in the latest update.

Roblox is user-generated platform to create game and other stuffs. When using Okay Google Roblox, you only get information related to Roblox. It is not the app to control gameplay.

Okay Google Roblox and Its Function

okay google roblox

1. Basic searching

As it mentioned above, basic function of Okay Google is search engine. The only different is you search with voice, as similar to add the text on search box. It has microphone icon for doing voice command.

2. Voice command

Voice command means using word from mouth to command Okay Google Roblox. It is similar to text-to-speech, but only for searching and giving information.

When you say “Roblox”, this app will provide some results. You can choose one of them then Google will give the voice explanation. It works when you expand the keyword with “how to use Roblox”.

Okay Google Roblox and How to Use It

1. Device

How to use Okay Google on Roblox? Firstly, you have to check the device compatibility. Old smartphone may need few adjustments in order to work properly. The key part is microphone.

Smartphone will use built-in microphone as the source of voice. You say word then microphone will recognize it as voice. You can use headset or earphone as long as it has microphone.

2. New version

After the device is ready, the next preparation is new version. You can update this app via Google Play to get the recent version. It is necessary when you still use old Android version.

Okay Google is available for almost smartphone such as Android, iOS and Windows. You just need to choose which version that you have then upgrade it to the latest version. After that, you are ready to use Okay Google for Roblox.

3. Using Okay Google

The main feature is only searching and explaining related to keyword. However, you may use this app to expand into voice command mode. Any word you say will be similar to what you do when tapping or swapping the screen.

This app may be good, but not enough for complex command or searching. Roblox is still platform that needs to control by old way. You have to tap, swap or touch it when using smartphone.

Moreover, Google collects the data from users to improve their application. It is similar to Okay Google that receives update every time. You can let your own experience as data for Google to improve this app.

Okay Google Roblox is new way to access Roblox. You just use microphone to get anything without touching the device’s screen. Therefore, this is useful and practical application at all.