How To Sell Shirts On Roblox

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As a massively multiplayer online platform (MMO), Roblox provides the users to cooperate in a huge mixture of diverse kinds of games made by the other users or developer. The freedom on how to design their own games and how to sell shirts on Roblox is unlimited.

In Roblox, players can explore and create Lego-like platforms. Socializing and creativity are encouraged in Roblox because there are no goals and levels to achieve.

Moreover, Roblox provides so many different ways on the creativity and to share with the other players. One of them is by making cool clothes on the avatar’s design and selling those items.

How to sell shirts and other items on Roblox? Roblox require you to have a Builder’s Club membership first. However, it is not needed if you make the shirts for your own.

How to Sell Shirts on Roblox with Builders Club

how to sell shirts on roblox

1. Be a Member of Builder’s Club

Upgrade your membership a Turbo or Outrageous Builder’s Club. It will allow you to resell any items which you have created or previously purchased to the other members.

2. Choose Your Membership’s Plan

You can log in with your free Roblox account. In the upper toolbar, you will find “Builder’s Club” section. Start at $11.95/month, you can purchase the membership in monthly, semi-annual, annual as well as lifetime plans.

 3. Selling Your Shirts

How to sell shirts on Roblox? Now, find the “Develop” section in the upper bar and go to the pants, shirts, or t-shirts. Choose the shirts that you want to sell, click on the gear to the right of it then hit configure.

Next on the page, you can check on the “sell this item’ checkbox and select the where you want to sell it. After it’s done, you need to hit the save button.

How To Sell Shirts On Roblox that You Previously Purchased

1. Select Previously Purchased Items

Besides self-created shirts, you can resell previously purchased shirts from the Roblox catalog. Nevertheless, how to sell shirts for tickets or Robux on Roblox should involve the items that are Roblox’s original design and are limited to specific categories.

There two specific categories that are able for reselling. Members of Builder’s Club can only resell “limited” and “limited unique” categorized items that originally designed by Roblox.

2. Limited Items

Limited items are categorized as avatar accessories or clothing that once sold for a limited duration and are not available anymore in the catalog. Limited Items have a green banner with the word “limited”.

3. Limited Unique Items

Limited unique items are the item that once sold for a limited duration but has a specific serial number as manufacture number when they are released.

In addition, limited unique items are marked with a green and yellow banner with the word “Limited U.” The reason why these items are unique is because there are only a specific number of the released items.

4. Selling as Builder’s Club Member

How to sell shirts on Roblox for any limited or limited unique items is easy. Locate your inventory on “My Roblox” section. Click on the shirts that you choose and proceed to sell.

Type in the price of the items you want to sell and choose tickets or Robux. Click on the “Update” section and then choose “Done” to complete the process. After it’s done, you can see the item you sell in the current catalog.

You have to set a competitive price, and consider that there will be 25% market fee for any items you sell. The market fee is the deduction of the price after your shirt or other item is sold.

That is how to sell shirts on Roblox for the items that you created and previously purchased. It’s so easy and once you become a Builder’s Club member you can start selling the items that you want.