How To Make Games On Roblox

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Roblox lets players to create their own game. So, how to make games on Roblox? You need to be familiar with Roblox basic platform before deciding to create your own game.

Making a game is different from environment and building. When you play, your own character is what you see at gameplay. Therefore, the game should be adjusted with it. Several procedures are required to make the game on Roblox.

How to Make Games on Roblox from Game Templates

how to make games on roblox

1. Preparation

When asking how to make games on Roblox, you should have Roblox account firstly. For your information, you have to install Roblox studio on your device. It is necessary thing to have.

Developer provides Roblox in mobile version for smartphone as well. However, you should create game from personal computer or laptop. Big screen generates better view when adding parts and tools.

2. Game templates

There are several templates for the game. You do not have to create it from scratch, particularly for beginner. Template is powerful and useful as option to expand then you can create your own template for the next game.

Each template has different characteristic. The basic template is empty, so you have to put some parts and tools. It is better to choose template with already concept and gameplay.

3. Camera

One of important parts when asking about how to create games on Roblox is genre. You can choose action, adventure, arcade, or any genre. All of them rely on camera position. Most of the games use camera in 3D mode from above area.

There are some controls to move camera from various angles. Make sure you know where character will go then the camera will follow closely.

4. Parts

Parts are crucial as well for the game on Roblox. Empty game needs the part such block, cube, sphere, and any three-dimensional object. These parts will be integrated in game environment automatically after they are loaded form library.

How to Make Games on Roblox with Additional Parts

 1. Modifying parts

Have you already know about how to make games on Roblox? Half of answers are already explained at the previous section. It is time to focus on the parts. You should modify part or any object to suit the game property.

Modifying part is similar as if editing object. You can resize, add color and change the direction. For example, you may add contour or material to recreate different surface. Use scale feature to expand the size.

2. Toolbox

Toolbox is another source to create innovative game. Instead of creating your own model and object, toolbox is good library from the other players.

3. Save game

The last thing on how to use Roblox for creating game is playing your own game. After add the parts and toolbox, check every item by playing it. It is useful before sharing with others. Do not forget to save your game after everything is done.

Creating the game is not easy, but it’s a possible task. You can learn from template then modify it into your own game. Take time to adjust with basic feature, so keep practicing every day.

So, how to make games on Roblox? The answer for this question is already explained at above section. You can create simple game then play it with friends.