How To Make A Shirt In Roblox

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Roblox is a game in which you are able to create your own world and be creative. Below are several tips on how to make a shirt in Roblox to help you exploring the Roblox world.

These easy ways on how to make a shirt in Roblox will be divided in two topics, which are step by step and tips to upload your own shirt template.

How to Make a Shirt in Roblox Step by Step

how to make a shirt in roblox

Creating shirts in Roblox is quite easy. There are few steps to get started on how to make a shirt in Roblox that you must follow to successfully create a shirt.

1. Go to the website

Once you are on the site, click the develop page. Click on ‘build new’ and choose on Pants or Shirts tab on the left side of the website.

2. Download the template

Before you proceed, you have to download a shirt template to your device. The shirt template is a picture you have prepared before to print on your shirt.

3. Edit your template

This is the most important part of how to make a shirt in Roblox step by step. The template is set to be a set of squares and rectangular. It will be provided in colors like yellow, blue, green, red, teal and pink.

Yellow area will be the right side. Blue is the back side, green for the left side, red for arms and torso, teal for top and pink for the bottom part.

4. Upload the template

After you are done editing the template, upload it to the develop page. The file will look weird and messy with different colors. However, this shouldn’t be a problem since it will look amazing in the end.

Those are easy steps on how to make a shirt in Roblox. You can always get creative in Roblox through this feature.

How to Make a Shirt in Roblox with Simple Tips and Trick

There are a few details you have to scrutinize while uploading the template. The following will explain several details you should take a good look at before making your own shirt.

1. Upload the image with the same dimension as template

You will have to upload a picture with the same exact size of template you’ve downloaded. Other file with different size will not be accepted.

2. Search for size reference

If you prefer to edit images separately, consider to find a size reference. This will ease your work significantly and you don’t have to worry about not having the same size as the template.

3. Set a different semi-transparent layer

To make your work easier, if you’re using Photoshop, it is better to set the template and put it on a different semi-transparent layer.

4. Own a builder’s club

In order to be able to create a shirt, first you have to own a builders club. This is a type of privilege only provided by membership on Builder’s Club, especially if you want to sell your products.

The information mentioned above are several tips on how to make a shirt in Roblox for easy shirt making. Hopefully, it will be able to guide you on being the best shirt maker in Roblox world.