How To Make A Good Game In Roblox

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In this article, we are going to discuss about tips and tricks on how to make a good game in Roblox. There are two types of gamer in Roblox: those who play and those who make. This article is dedicated for later type.

how to make a good game in roblox

People who play the game often download the adventure maps. They explore the feature offered by the map. They appreciate any effort allocated to make the map.

The second type creates the adventure map on Roblox. People who make the map already understand how to make a good game in Roblox. Therefore, the maps they create are not only attractive, but also enjoyable.

If you are amateur on building a map, the list of how to make a good game in Roblox tips and tricks bellow will help you. Follow the instruction carefully to improve your ability.

How to Make a Good Game in Roblox by Focusing on the Map Feature

1. Creating rough draft

The first tips on how to make a good game in Roblox is measuring the map area. Establish the boundary and create the rough draft.

2. Selecting the proper tool

In order to make your rough draft into real map, you will need to use proper tool. Wide array of tool is provided by the game. Select some of them according to your need.

3. Building the map

It is considered as the most important part of making a good game. It might take longer that you anticipated.

4. Finishing touch

Final addition is required to polish the map completely. This step is required to make the game more attractive. Compare the result with your first draft to see the development.

5. Testing

The last step is self-explanatory. Testing is required so that you are able to figure out whether the game feature is complete or not. You might need several revisions before it is ready to publish.

How to Make a Good Game in Roblox by Developing the Gameplay

1. Finding the concept

This part of how to make a good game in Roblox guide should be easy. Most game maker already have great concept in their mind before building the game.

2. Developing the concept

Developing the concept can be performed by adding more ideas to the main concept. Keep in mind not to overwhelm the idea. It will make the gameplay more complicated later on.

3. Implementing the concept

Implementing the concept will be the hardest part of this procedure. You need to collaborate it with the map and game feature.

4. Adding detail

Adding storyline on your concept will make the game more detailed. The more detail it has, the more realistic the gameplay will be.

5. Testing

Plenty of amateur Roblox game maker skip this important step. Try to test the game by entering it as player. See if there are things that need to be fixed before the game is released.

By following tips and tricks on how to make a good game in Roblox above, you will be able to improve your ability. Make sure that other players review the map. You will get useful feedback at the end.