How To Make A Game Like Roblox

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Sometimes, after playing Roblox game in a while, the players might have imagined of how to make a game like Roblox in their own version. Well, it is not easy indeed to create a game. However, the following description might help.

How to Make a Game like Roblox by Learning It

how to make a game like roblox

The simplest answer to the question of how to make a game like Roblox is by learning from the basic. What should you learn? The details will be shown below.

1. Programming

The first step is of course you should learn about game programming. In order to develop a game, you need this game programming as a subset of software development.

In game programming, you will be required the skill of software engineering and certain specialization to create game. It can involve the computer graphics, audio programming, artificial intelligence, simulation, input, and so on.

2. Scripting

The next step of how to make a game like Roblox by learning is about the scripting. If you want to develop a game like Roblox, scripting is another important knowledge that you should have. Scripting language will be needed by game programmer and used to edit as well as check-in the game code.

3. 3D applications and networking

After you learn the programming and scripting, now is the time for 3D applications and networking. There are various features of networking to be used in your game.

It could be standalone game with simple feature until kind of game with massive multi-player. Storing user name and the game score on the server of central network is one of networking uses.

4. Graphics

You will need to learn about the graphics to create awesome design of your game. Graphic design of a game that you developed needs to be attractive. That is why good knowledge in this area is quite significant.

Alternatively, the apps for game’s graphic design are now available for free. So, you can make use of those free apps to make your own game.

How to Make a Game like Roblox by Observing

How to make a game like Roblox can also be done through learning by observing this game. Not just observing, you can learn by playing Roblox. So, what are the points to observe and learn?

1. How it will be played

As you know, Roblox can be played using WASD keyboard and the arrow key or using mouse, the touch pad, as well as another input device. It allows the players to switch between the first and third person mode.

If you want to create similar game, think about this point. How your game will be played matters.

2. The virtual items

Roblox allows the player to buy, create, and sell the virtual items using the currency in the game. T-shirt and shirt are allowed to be bought by anyone. However, the players that have membership of Builders Club are the only party that can sell them.

What about you? How to make a fun game like Roblox is not that easy. The way you manage virtual items in your own game should be planned and made properly.

From the description above, you get the information regarding the way of how to make a game like Roblox. It consists of several steps to do to make your own. In short, it needs some works but take a break for a while. Playing the game itself is fun.