How To Get Tickets In Roblox

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Roblox is one of the massive game platforms that players can play and have transaction using its in-game currencies. Read more to know about how to get tickets in Roblox and how to get Robux.

However, players will be required of a premium subscription to create more than one Place and to have more access into some premium features. Creating complex Place in Roblox or any other activity like trading needs currency.

Roblox introduces in-game currencies that players can use for transaction and playing the games. Those currencies are Tickets/Tix and Robux. Before we find out how to get tickets in Roblox, here’s what those currencies are for.

Tickets or Tix were a currency that has very little value. Players can earn tickets through a range of methods, like daily visit on Roblox or having other players visit their own Place. Catalog items and advertisements are the sections where tickets can be spent on.

Robux is the main currency that is used by the member of community and staff. Robux is used to buy the non-free items in the Roblox catalog. How to get Robux and tickets in Roblox will be explained below.

How to Get Tickets in Roblox for Free

how to get tickets in roblox

1. Login Bonus

Daily login will grant players with 10 tickets. This is the easiest way to get tickets for free players. And players can do this anytime in the day.

2. Affiliate Program

Players can create an external link and post or share it in another source. Every click that leads to Roblox, they will earn two tickets.

3. Place Visits

Every time other players visit a Place, the owner will earn one ticket for each player. However, if it’s a Buider’s Club Place, the owner will earn 10 tickets for each visit.

4. Currency Exchange

Players can also exchange the Robux that they own for tickets. Based on the situation of the market, the value will be slightly different from time to time.

5. Selling Clothing

By creating clothing items like shirts, T-shirts or pants, players can earn ticket by selling them. Free players will earn 10% of the selling price and premium Builder’s Club will earn 90%.

How to Get Tickets in Roblox with Robux

As the main in-game currency of Roblox, players can use Robux to exchange for tickets. Read below to know how to get Robux and tickets exchange in Roblox.

1. Builder’s Club Membership

Players who are in the Builder’s Club will be given a daily allowance of Robux. This is a simple thing to do if players don’t want to spend more money to buy Robux.

2. Sell Clothing Items

Builder’s Club members can sell the clothing items as well as access for Places. By doing so, players can earn 70% of the selling price.

3. Purchase

Players can purchase Robux by online transaction. Just go to the Robux page and there will the purchase section and how to buy it.

4. Game Passes

Game Passes can be sold so that both free players and Builder’s Club member can earn Robux. 10% of the selling price will be given to free players and 70% will be given to premium members.

5. Affiliate Program

Just like how to get tickets in Roblox, creating an external link that leads to Roblox website will also allow you to earn Robux for every visited link.

In addition to that, players can also use RoblEX that is known as the currency exchange. This is a feature which provides players to exchange their Robux for tickets or the other way round.

Players can get a huge profit by buying a lot of Robux for a lower price, and after that exchange the Robux later for a bigger amount of tickets. That is how to get tickets in Roblox and use them for in-game transaction.