How To Get Free Packages On Roblox

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It is Roblox game that we are talking about right now. Who does not know this game? It makes everyone want to get full experience. However, you probably meet with other plyers who told you that they have found a hack or glitch of how to get free packages on Roblox. Believe it or not, they are not tricking you because this is true.

How to Get Free Packages on Roblox with Easy Steps

how to get free packages on roblox

You are so lucky to know this information. How do you get the packages for free? Pay attention to the following details.

1. Go to the site

First step of how to simply get free packages on Roblox is to visit the official website of Roblox. As the player, you must already have your own account in this site, right? Enter your username and password in the white boxes available on the upper part. After that, click green box of Log In.

2. Go to Catalog

After you log in, you need to go to the Catalog. It is available in the upper left of the second option in the site. In Catalog, you can find the package that you want to get. It can be any package. Even though you have already spent all of your Robux, you can still do this.

3. Follow the steps

Next step of how to get free packages on Roblox is by right clicking on the green box of Buy. Click on inspect. Then, you should change all numbers which are the costs of your items.

For instance, if you are doing Robloxian 2.0 for 15 Robux, change all 15’s into 0. Besides, you should change the Data Expected Currency as well into 0. Do not skip it since it is really important. Now, close out the inspect box. Click Buy and now make your purchase by click Get Now.

How to Get Free Packages On Roblox as Additional Tips

The players who have already made their account can directly follow how to get free packages you want on Roblox above. However, what about those who have not? In this case, you should firstly make it on the site.

1. Signing up

There is Play option on the upper left of website. How to get free packages on Roblox can be done after you fill in the white box that allows you to sign up. You will be required to fill your birth date including month, day, and year.

After that, type your username without using real name. Then, type your password with minimum length of eight words. Confirm this password in the next box.

Choose your gender in the available picture of female or male. Click the term sentence and sign up.

2. Know more information

After you have your own username and password, you may want to know more about this game. See the options of About and Platforms in the upper left part of the site.

By clicking on About, you will know what Roblox is. There is a brief description about Roblox as one of games to create adventures, role play, play games, and so on.

Meanwhile, by clicking on Platforms or scrolling to the bottom, you are going to know information about Roblox on your device. Where you can access it and whether it is accessible in any device or not can be known here.

The trick of how to get free packages on Roblox is not something that can be known by anyone. Play the game for fun and enjoy your free packages.