How To Create A Game On Roblox

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Game industry is at the high peak nowadays. You can enjoy various genres with many games. So, how to create a game on Roblox? This is interesting topic to explore.

Roblox has two things that people like. You can explore various objects and place them on your own. With millions users, there are many interesting places to explore.

Another thing is your own game. It is a game inside the game that means you need Roblox account to create the game. For your information, the game may be not as sophisticated as the real game.

However, people enjoy expressing their creativity. It is quite similar when using photo editor. You do not have to apply complex coding for this game. That is one of engaging parts on how to use Roblox in building a game.

How to Create a Game on Roblox Tips

how to create a game on roblox

1. New place

Roblox gives many options to create the game. How to create a game on Roblox? You need new place to develop. You also can choose to edit existing place.

When creating new place, there are many things to consider. Add part you want to put on the game. Then, go to properties section to edit this part.

Make properties at anchored mode then keep them smooth. You will see that the place is not at the same level with its surrounding. It is called new place.

2. Object

Now, it is time to add object.  On how to build a game on Roblox, the object is crucial. There are various objects to add depending on the game genre.

The key of game is on object you put on the place. There are some properties in each object. You need to adjust one object with few properties.

3. Adjust and add color

The place and object are ready then you need to paint them. This is another important process to create the game. Moreover, color will affect almost entire game.

When asking how to create a game on Roblox, you should know what color to put. Simple game uses few colors with clear distinction. On the other side, you may use color to make a difference between hero and enemy.

How to Create a Game on Roblox for Beginner

1. Testing and share

For beginner, try to create simple game with less complex gameplay. Player can win after solving puzzle. Give several levels to make it more challenging.

You need to test your own game. Make sure every section is in good order. Testing will show which part is incomplete.

After testing is done, share your game then play with friends. As mentioned above, Roblox has vast players around the world, so they will enjoy playing new thing. Of course, your game should be challenging and interactive.

2. Advertise

Expanding your game is the key to get more Robux. You can get more money when the game turns into popular one. Robux is virtual currency on Roblox to buy many things.

Free items on Roblox are limited. Moreover, you can get attractive thing when adding advertisement on the game. That is another objective when playing Roblox.

Interactive and challenging are the key for new game. You can try Roblox to create your own game without complex coding. All of them are available on how to create a game on Roblox guide.