Games Similar To Roblox

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There are many games similar to Roblox available in the internet. You will be able to find some of them if you are looking hard enough. In this article, we are going to talk about some of those games.

As you might already know, Roblox is a popular sandbox game. It allows the player to create new world. Players who are not interested in creating the world are able to enjoy the world created by other players.

As it goes with any games these days, it also has game currency as well. The currency involved in this game is called as Robux. Robux is mostly used to purchase in-game items.

Even though it has interesting gameplay, some players are bored with the game. The following list contains some games similar to Roblox that you can try as alternative.

Despite similar gameplay they have in common, the game feature is completely different. That makes the following games are interested to play.

Games Similar to Roblox List

games similar to roblox

1. Minecraft

You cannot make a list of Roblox-like game without mentioning about Minecraft. So far, Minecraft is considered as popular sandbox game worth comparing to Roblox. Both games have similar gameplay where players can build and crate a world.

One of the major differences here is the game currency. Minecraft does not have game currency. For trading, it uses precious ore such as diamond or emerald. The game becomes interesting since many mods can be installed to the vanilla version.

2. Cubelands

If you are looking for game with Roblox gameplay, Cubelands is in our next list. Some people said that cubelands have more similarities to Minecraft than Roblox. That being said, it is also recommended to play as well.

3. Blockland

The next list is Blockland. The game also allows you to build and create a world. The material used here is not purchased, but earned.

4. Terraria

Other than categorized as sandbox game, Terraria is also combining adventure and action genre. The major difference about this game compared to Roblox is its two dimensional world. You will also find mobs to kill in this game.

5. Blockyard

Another game that allows players to build a world is Blockyard. This feature makes it one of the games similar to Roblox that are recommended for you. Plenty of blocks are available to choose for your building.

Games Similar to Roblox Recommendation

The list above contains games with similar gameplay to Roblox. As you can see, all of them are sandbox games. It means that you can do pretty much anything in it.

Each game of the list above has its own distinctive characteristics. This feature makes it different from one to another. The differences are mostly found in the game feature.

If you like to play games with other players, then Minecraft is a recommended option. If you do not like the vanilla version, you can always add mods to the game.

Which one you should choose? It is highly depending on your gaming preference. Try the games similar to Roblox above one by one to see which one suit your taste.