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One of the biggest favorite games in video gaming world is Roblox. It is because of its fun gameplay. But as famous and fun the game Roblox come, there are other games related to Roblox that are also fun and exciting to play.

This article lists some other popular, fun, and exciting games that look like Roblox that you may want to try. Here are some cool games related to Roblox you can play and share.

Games Related to Roblox with Remarkable Gameplay

games related to roblox

This article suggests some games for you to play. The below options offer you some games similar to Roblox as they offer you the same elements of making your own structures or buildings. Everything in these games will be very exciting adventures.

Games Related to Roblox that Are Exciting to Play

1. Blocklands

Blocklands is one of incredible game similar to Roblox that is available for single or multiple players. This game is simple and easy. The mission is to build your own buildings using a variety of blocks.

This game has unique feature which allows you to operate each brick by applying input and output operations. These operations can be used to perform a particular function.

It also allows players to create certain items such as weapons. Blocklands is able to play along with up to 100 players on the same map.

2. Minecraft

Another popular Roblox alternative game is Minecraft. This game is available for Xbox 360 console as well as Microsoft PC. In addition to designing your creations using various 3D blocks, the survival skills of players will be tested.

One of the requirements is to maintain your characters’ health. Minecrafts offers you access to a colorful blocks and cubes world where you can convert them into swords, picks, axes, and even armor for character.

These items are really helpful to face beasts and other un-friendly creatures that attack your character during night times. There are also three modes to try. They are creative mode, survival mode, and adventure mode.

3. Cubelands

Cubelands is also considered as one of games related to Roblox that is very exciting and enjoyable for teenagers and kids. It has rich graphic feature that makes it more valuable.

Besides the rich graphic, it is also set in a 3-D world. This allows players to construct any type of building, ranging from a single building to cities, using various cubes.

There is no any restriction about the structure of construction you have to make. Everything depends on creativity and imagination of players.

4. Blockyard

Blockyard is another building game like Roblox that has gained great appreciation from game players worldwide. This is one of the best games for kids and teenagers who have skill at constructing almost anything using creativity and imagination.

As one of the most popular avid game, Blockyard features a game play that allows all players to build any type of building, structure, or object they can imagine by using various axles, motors and other available materials.

5. Free Realms

This is a multi-player game released in 2009. It has attracted a lot of avid players of all ages. On a fictional world, this game is set where players can be anyone they want such as architect, carpenter, policeman, and any type of imaginable person. This game has five levels with a variety of places to build and explore something.

Those games related to Roblox above are recommended to play and share. They are really enjoyable and fun as well as improve creativity and imagination.